Informal Retail Monitoring Solutions

Automated Sales Management Infrastructure


Q-Harmony is one of the flagship solutions within Quarphix designed for the benefit of the Informal Retail Market. As such, Q-Harmony is the Informal Retail Monitoring Solution (iRMS), through which we have introduced technology to optimise the market’s competitiveness in the main stream. To date, we have invested in excess of R10 million towards the research, conceptualisation, design, development and piloting of the solution.

By providing automated sales management infrastructure and support within small dealers and spaza shops, we strengthen the inventory and business management processes, monitoring sales trends in this sector.

Why Q-Harmony?

  • Real-time Informal Retail Market Scan Data

    It takes 2 minutes from the time a transaction is processed in one of our network stores to us receiving the record in our database. This data can be served raw or customised to the needs of our clients.

  • Accurate Reporting on sales and performance

    A complete database of retail barcodes and products to rival any large retailer in the country.

  • Informal Retail Mapping

    A complete database of every informal store – grouped by ownership, address and size in Tembisa. Alexander, Diepsloot and Soweto next on the list

  • Customised Software for the environment

    Informal retail specific PoS software including critical features like (Quick codes for loose items and more)

  • Unlocking the full potential of the Informal Retail Market

    Value to our network stores is central to our offering. As part of the Q-Harmony eco-system, store owners enjoy a range of benefits that assist them to formalise and be competitive within the mainstream economy

  • E-Wallet & Card Transactions Ready

    The Q-Harmony platform enables store owners to manage their cash easily while reducing the associated cash risks. Currently the E-Wallet solution is integrated for VAS purchases, but is ready to be extended to other inventory

  • Partners NOT Service Providers

    We do more than provide valuable insights, we partner with our clients in order to enhance their offering to their respective markets. Q-Harmony has an in-depth capacity of consultants to assist your organisation in getting the best out of Q-Harmony. These consultants are available on request or as resident consultants at your premises