Best of Breed, Converged World Class Cloud Services

Our cloud computing, connectivity, communications, data centres, security, document management solutions ensure that organisations of any size, in any sector, can leverage technology effectively so they can compete efficiently.

  • Server Monitoring (Real Time)


    24/7 Server Monitoring

    servermonitoringCloud monitoring enables a 24/7 holistic IT environment monitoring that is quick, efficient and proactive, so that you can focus on running your organisation at optimal performance, consistently.

  • Tailored Monitoring

    24/7 Cloud Monitoring

    Tailored Monitoring

    tailoredrmonitoringYour organisation is unique and usually, monitoring systems don’t address your specific IT environment’s needs.

    From a temperature drop to slow response times on your website, cloud monitoring lets you control what to monitor and how to report on results.
    Chat to us to determine your organisational needs and enjoy the benefits we can offer to your environment.

  • Cloud Managed Backups 

    Secure & Automated

    Automated Disk-to-Disk Backups

    disktodiskCloud managed backups enable the secure, automated disk-to-disk backup and recovery of critical information stored on servers or corporate devices.

    Quickly recover important information when you need it, from just a single file to a full restore. A range of backup, storage and recovery options are available for you to protect your information assets.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Quick Data Restoration

    Restore your environment, just like that

    restoreAny form of downtime will have an impact on your organisation – financial, legal or reputational – so it’s vital that you’re able to preserve data and keep applications running in the event of a service outage.

    This service helps you support business requirements for the ongoing availability of applications and data.

    If there is a failure in your primary environment, you can be up and running again in under 10 minutes, to a recovery point of around 4 hours.

  • Managed Hosting

    Flexible IT Environmnet

    Get the most out of your IT investment

    itCloud hosting services can offer numerous benefits to your organisation, giving you access to sophisticated technology and a flexible IT environment that can meet business and customer demands, without the capital outlay. But these environments aren’t immune to issues such as slow response times and system unavailability.

    Cloud hosting can be an enabler of growth and innovation, but without expert management, your server hosting service won’t deliver the benefits you expect.

    Failures or poor performance in the hosted environment can have a significant impact on your business: slow response times, downtime, unavailable systems and data loss can result in financial and reputational damage.

    While you need the assurance that your cloud environment is performing optimally and will continue to support the needs of the organisation, it may not make business sense to find and recruit people with the necessary skills to manage your environment effectively.

    We make sure your operations are running on secure, stable infrastructure, so you can focus your resources on projects that will take your business further.


    One Private Network Connection

    Connect your whole world into one private network - yours

    Your business is growing in a fast-moving, interconnected world. To facilitate the sharing of ideas and speed up decision making, you need to make the latest voice and video applications available to your various teams, so that they can communicate with each other clearly and effectively, wherever they are.

    But delays in transmission, bad sound, and unclear images affect the user experience, making these tools less effective.

    To stay ahead of the curve, you need the right bandwidth to support innovative communication tools. With MPLS VPN, you’re able to communicate quickly and securely between different branches, over a single – and private – fibre-optic network.

    Furthermore, a secure, fast and reliable MPLS VPN means you can virtually reconnect remote sites to backup locations. Business continuity is vital, and the ability to maintain it between remote worksites means you’ll remain competitive and compliant.

  • Internet Access

    Dedicated 1

    1 bandwidth – performance guaranteed

    With more mobile devices connecting to the corporate network and more people using cloud-based services, your bandwidth is under increasing strain to provide super-fast, always-available connectivity. Network security is also a growing concern.

    Our internet access service guarantees high-performing, private internet access. Dedicated 1:1 bandwidth enables people to access applications quickly and use them effectively – without delays, downtime or other performance issues.

  • Vsat 

    Extended Reach

    Extend the reach of your business through satellite

    Unfortunately, not every location has the fast, stable connectivity that’s needed to run the advanced unified communication and collaboration tools you may be accustomed to using. Some areas may have unreliable connectivity, others may have no fixed-line infrastructure at all.

    Vsat technology offers an alternative to copper and fibre solutions for connectivity. With global coverage through a network of satellites, you’ll have uninterrupted connectivity anywhere in the world.

  • APN

    Fast Secure Connections

    Enable your employees to work where and how they want

    Whether they’re at the office, at a client site or even on the couch at home, they need a secure connection that enables them to work effectively from where they are, at any time.

    APN solutions enable a fast, secure connection from mobile devices to your private company intranet, the internet, or both.

  • Data Centres

    High Performaning Infrastructures

    Our data center services grow with your business

    As a valued client, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our high-performing infrastructure – secure hosting, fast access, on-demand availability – without the extensive setup and maintenance costs.

    We also guarantee a stable power supply, as our partner data centers are equipped with uninterruptible power supply (ups) systems and generator power to protect against power surges, spikes and outages.

    For physical intervention on site, choose our 24/7 Expert Hands add-on service.

  • Co-Location

    Access is key

    Benefit from our partner networks

    Through our partner network, we give you access to high-performing infrastructure, each offering rack space for any level of demand, and additional security options for hosting and accessing your servers.

    For physical intervention on site, choose our 24/7 expert hands service

  • Virtualization 

    No Slow downs

    Integrated Data Centres

    You can’t afford to be held up or slowed down because your data centre infrastructure isn’t keeping up with the increasing size and volume of data used by your business applications, systems and services.
    With our virtualization services, you can extend your data centre storage infrastructure without extensive setup and maintenance costs.

Prevention – Detection - Defense

Our security solutions include vulnerability scans, intrusion detection systems and firewalls. They’re designed to help you detect potential threats, defend against security breaches, and respond quickly if they happen.

  • Email Filtering

    Eliminate Spam

    Say no to headache causing spam

    When spam causes headaches for your organization, an email filtering service from Quarphix Corporation helps easily eliminate spam and other unwanted email from your network and email gateway.

    We scan your email for spam, phishing attacks, malware and viruses. All offending mail is held in secure quarantine in our network. Your users can receive a quarantine report containing recently stopped messages, or view quarantined messages online in real-time.

  • Vulnerability Scan

    Threat Prevention

    Act, while you still can

    Vulnerability scan is a solution that highlights your environments weaknesses so you can take action ... Before it’s too late.

    Following every scan, a detailed report is published on a secure website. You’ll be given a unique logon to the site to view the report, interrogate the scanner and manage the process of addressing any security issues identified. You need to be certain that the security issues you identified and addressed have been remedied before you can continue to operate with peace of mind, which is why you are able to rerun the scan and verify the fix or fixes you have implemented.

  • Firewalls

    Bullet Proof Security

    Perimeter protection for your environment

    Threats come in many forms – botnets, data leaks or breaches, viruses and malware, malicious content, phishing and other scams, browser exploits, etc.

    Our firewalls solution security configurations for different business and compliance needs, protecting you from security risks that could result in financial or data loss and the consequences of a damaged reputation. It also ensures your compliance with requirements for data protection.

  • Intrusion Prevention

    Tough and Uncompromised

    Prevention is better than cure

    With hackers getting smarter and IT networks becoming more complex, you need an intrusion prevention system that can help secure your business and protect your information assets.

    Intrusion prevention solutions, hosted in our secure data centres, identifies and automatically deals with known, unknown, and denial of service attacks.

  • Breach detection

    Constant watch

    Stay Vigilant of any suspicious movement

    Even the most sophisticated network security monitoring can fall short when it comes to hacking detection.

    If your corporate network is compromised, you need to know about it immediately so that you can take action to prevent theft, loss and damage.

    In the unlikely ebent of a breach, we will alert you quickly if your security has been compromised and provide analysis and remedial steps to minimize the impact thereof.