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Who We Are

The name QUARPHIX, inspired by the four (4) partners (Quar) that established the business in 2001 and the graphics design (phix) offering, which was at the heart of the brand in the beginning.

Our story is one of opportunity spotting mixed with a touch of bravery and lots of passion.

Quarphix Corporation is a multi-discipline ICT, Training and Business Consulting company, servicing a diverse range of clients across various industries.

From our early days we have continued to evolve and emerge as a dynamic and talented business with a keen focus on generating industry-redefining ideas.

Our passion point lies in consistently enabling our customers to operate more efficiently thus allowing them to serve their customers more effectively. By providing the necessary expertise and insights, we afford our customers the ability to leverage the opportunities presented in their diverse environments.


What We Do



ICT Managed Services.

Our cloud computing, connectivity, communications, data centres, security, digitizing solutions ensure that organisations of any size, in any sector, can leverage technology effectively so they can compete efficiently.

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Software Development (Desktop & Mobile platforms).

At Quarphix we are committed to keeping abreast with emerging technologies. Our developers are certified in some of the industry leading technologies. This enables access to powerful top-class solutions, which are, supremely compatible, easily customisable and backed by our support services.

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Skills Development & Training.

There are millions of people throughout South Africa who want and need to learn new skills. Some are learners who are still at school or in college. Others are already employed but need to improve the skills that they have and also learn new ones.

With over 800 fully equipped training centers nationwide, we offer a wide range of courses that are designed to fully prepare our candididates for the challenging work environment.

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Business Consulting.

Backed by our PMO, our consultants come fully equipped with in-depth expertise and back office support. We pride ourselves in that our consultants specialise within specific industries and/or subjects - thus providing unsurpassed value and insights to our customers. This specialisation is further enhanced through consistently keeping abreast with International Best Practices, which ensures that we deliver, to you, the best the world has to offer.

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Informal Retail & CSI Monitoring Solutions.

Q-Harmony is one of the flagship solutions within Quarphix designed for the benefit of the Informal Retail Market. As such, Q-Harmony is the Informal Retail Monitoring Solution (iRMS), through which we have introduced technology to optimise the market’s competitiveness in the main stream. To date, we have invested in excess of R10 million towards the research, conceptualisation, design, development and piloting of the solution.

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Project Management Office (PMO) 

The backbone to our crisp execution is our world-class Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO is guided by the principles of leading Project Management Methodologies, which are universally adaptable and afford our clients a much more transparent way of successfully executing against their business requirements.

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